Project 7

Project Helping Each Other

From designing an image to picking what design to put on the t-shirts; the concept for this project is to involve people in Japan. 

Takanoha has teamed up with illustrators in Japan to collaborate with to design the images for the t-shirts.  Takanoha will also be involving the members of the groups, who we will be raising funds for, to aid in picking what design to place on the t-shirt.

For this project, Takanoha will be collaborating with two Japanese illustrators/designers:  

YOKO SHIBASAKI received her graphic design degree from the Japan University College of Art. After working as illustrator and graphic designer for printing and publishing companies, she became a freelance illustrator. She has been working on the design of commercial prints, packages, websites, to name only a few. Recently she realized her lifelong dream: to publish a picture book for children.

KENICHI TANIKOSHI received his degree in design from the Japan University College of Art. After he graduated he worked in a design company for 4 years, and then became a freelance illustrator. During his career he has been working on various original designs and illustrations. (Digital environment : Power mac G5, software CS3)

 Updates! (December 4th, 2011)
Shibasaki-san and Tanikoshi-san have completed the designs!
We are just finishing up some patch testing and will notify you soon on the products that will be produced!!!