About Takanoha's PROJECT NIPPON


It all started with a tweet from Japan, "Just now...Big Eathquake, HUGE" (tweeted by a relative who resides in Sendai).  From there via the wonders of the world wide web, Takanoha witnessed the devastations of the earthquake, tsunamis, the many aftershocks, eruption of the volcano and the ongoing instabilities of the Fukushima nuclear plant. 

The intentions behind PROJECT NIPPON

With multiple online news video streaming at once, Takanoha was glued to the initial footage well into the wee hours of the following morning.  It wasn't some CG movie effect that was being witnessed...this was too REAL.  There was no questioning whether Takanoha was going to help Japan.  So, right then and there Takanoha decided on developing projects with the intention to raise funds and also to raise awareness of this devastation. 

As a brand platform, Takanoha is stepping up by donating 100% of the profit from the PROJECT NIPPON sales towards the relief and rebuilding efforts in Japan.  Takanoha plans on supporting for however long it takes Japan to recover/rebuild.  Whether it be 5 years, 50 years or 80 years. Takanoha will be sure to support by creating projects that will not only raise funds; but to also spread awareness of this disaster. 

100% net proceeds donated to ...

Proceeds from two of our past projects have been donated directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society.  Our focus has now shifted towards grassroot not for profit organizations (NPO) in Japan.  Takanoha is currently in contact with NPO organizations that are passionate and 'show face' (to name a few; Kids Earth Funds, Tasukeai Japan, KIBOW).  Also, Takanoha is currently investigating 'local' teams that are leading the recovery process in their respected area and who are lacking funds.  Takanoha will work with grassroot representatives to develop a better understanding of what is really needed in areas that were the most affected.